Programming  happening at the Colusa FRC!

Parenting Education

The Nurturing Parenting Program

We are currently offering NPP through an online, virtual format where parents and caregivers can move at their own pace through a series of curriculum that is tailored to their personal parenting practices.  If you would like to learn more about creating nurturing routines, building resiliency in your children, or learning about appropriate expectations and how to handle behaviors in children, this class is for you!  

To sign up, contact our Director at 530.458.7678 or by email at 

Parenting Wisely 

BRAND-NEW Virtual Parenting Class that has a highly developed and research-based curriculum for parents of teens and for parents of young children!   This program helps develop effective child supervision and increase parent involvement.  It focuses on building skills that recude children's aggressive and disruptive behaviors, improves parenting skills, enhances family communication, develops mutual support, and increasies parental supervision and appropriate discipline. 

This program will be available virtually through an online format.  To register for Parenting Wisely, please contact our Director at 530.458.7678 or by email at: 

Darkness to Light

Learn how to keep your children safe by instilling personal privacy morals and values from a young age.  This course builds confidence in parents to keep their children safe from sexual abuse.  This program is now available virutally.

Mandated Reporter Trainings

Anyone who works with or spends time around children has an obligation to keep those children safe and free from abuse.  If you would like learn how to become a Mandated Reporter, contact our office to sign up for a Virtual Mandated Reporter Class.

Strengthening Families

Our strengths-based classes are becoming virtual, using an online format to teach families how to build on their strengths to create the best outcomes for their children!  Our Strengthening Families course uses a series of curriculum that teaches about each of the 5 Protective Factors that families benefit from having in place.

Mobile Food Pantry

Food available in Colusa, Williams, Arbuckle, Grimes, Maxwell, Princeton, and Stonyford

Colusa - NOW OFFERING Food and supplies every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. curb-side pickup

Arbuckle - Second Wednesday of each month 11:00 via Drive-Through service.  Please call (530)476-0822 for directions.

Princeton - Third Wednesday of each month via Drop-Off Service (Please contact our office in advance to arrange a drop-off) Please call (530)458-7678 for arrangements.

Williams & Maxwell- Fourth Wednesday of each month

Maxwell via Drive-Through at 10:00 a.m.

Williams via Drive-Through at 12:00 p.m.

Please call (530)473-5400 for directions.  

Virtual Growing Start Flyer 2021.png
Virtual Growing Start Flyer Spainsh.png

Now Enrolling for Virtual Growing Start! This virtual program is designed to provide weekly online story times, weekly activity kits to encourage early learning for parents to complete with their children, Developmental screenings, resources, trainings, and support for parents and caregivers.